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12PM-12AM (Mon-Sun)

For bookings call 0425 863 225 

Cancellations MUST give 24 hours notice otherwise you’ll be invoiced the full amount. If we manage to fill your late cancel, there is no fee.


Address 4/24 Wise Ave Seaford, Vic.






Located in the south east of Melbourne, Bayside Studios has become one of the most trusted and reputable rehearsal spaces in all of Melbourne.


Bayside Studios delivers quality and service, having placed our fingerprint on the music scene for more than 20 years, we don’t rest until you’re completely satisfied with your experience.




All rooms are built with professional standard PA systems and code locking doors for security, with inclusive free access to microphones and accessories and air-conditioned rooms.




Bayside Studios also has general amenities such as kitchen area with free tea and coffee, access to unisex toilets and band seating for maximum comfort during your stay.









Band rehearsal rate 4 members or more.

(6 hour sessions)


Trio rate

(6 hour sessions)


Duo rate

(6 hour sessions)


Solo Rate

(6 hour sessions)


Drumkit Hire (Cymbals Inc)

(6 hour sessions)


Amp Hire (Guitar/Bass)

(6 hour sessions)

Studio lockout rates start at $200 per week for 7 day access.



Bayside operates its in house recording studio, fitted with professional standard audio recording gear, microphones, state of the art plug ins and a control room and tracking room to compliment. Running Pro Tools 11 software our studio will capture your sound with pristine audio quality.

We offer affordable DEMO recordings starting at just $180 with one of our professional engineers, or inquire for our hourly rates.

We also offer freelance recording starting at $200, if you know your way around the recording world and
need a space to create, we got you covered.

For all recording and mixing inquiries please use the contact form below or call 0425 863 225.



DRUMS & GUITAR LESSONS available to students of all ages and skill level.

Here at Bayside we have fully qualified professional music teachers who are able to teach from beginner to advanced levels.

We understand students have different needs and goals, some students may want to do it as a hobby,
whereas others may want to take it more seriously. These differing needs may require different approaches in teaching.

Is  our responsibility as a music school to get to know our students on a personal level. To understand what it is that inspires them, to learn what their strengths and weaknesses are, and to present the lessons in a way that best suits the students individual needs.

Open 7 days a week

Lesson duration: 30 minutes (private lessons) $40 per lesson. For more information please submit an inquiry using the form below or call us today!


Please call us today for any rehearsal booking or studio related enquiries!

Alternatively, to book a studio or find out more information please fill out the contact form.

0425 863 225

4/24 Wise Avenue, Seaford 3198 VIC
We are open 7 days a week!
12PM-12AM (Mon-Sun)